I’ve been coming to Blue Sky Wellness for over 6 years to see Bridgit for acupuncture. I always leave feeling calm and relaxed. Bridgit is a very caring practitioner and always makes plenty of time for me. Everyone I’ve encountered on the staff is kind and thoughtful. I recommend Blue Sky to anyone looking for acupuncture.

~ Amber

I’ve been receiving acupuncture and chiropractic here for 4 years. The atmosphere is incredibly calming, and the faculty is very friendly.

~ Cassidy

I’ve been a Blue Sky client since 2010. From many a massage to appointments with their naturopath, I’ve always received excellent care! That’s why I keep coming back. Thank you, Blue Sky, for your therapeutic and compassionate touch!

~ Adia

The best part is how fast I saw real results and felt better. I wish I’d visited Blue Sky sooner!

~ Matt

You will be glad you found this place. The people are great and the treatment is extremely effective. My carpal tunnel and chronic back pain are under control without surgery or drugs.

~ Melissa

I’ve been coming to Blue Sky since 2008. I come for everything: massage, acupuncture and chiropractic. Iive got really bad back tension issues as well as pain in my joints. I always leave feeling better and refreshed. The treatment really works. Bridgit is really helpful and she’s a great practitioner. Jacob is fun and is great at targeting the issues. Danielle is the best massage in town. Yea…totally love these guys.

~ Sierra

I’ve received regular acupuncture treatments from Kathryn for over a year and I am so happy with the quality of her care. Kathryn meets me where I’m at in each session, always in a validating and nurturing way. I deeply respect Kathyrn’s perspective and expertise and always carry her card with me in case a friend is looking for a practitioner!

~ R.S.


Blue Sky has been a life saver! I’ve been getting massages and acupuncture for 8 years and it’s been wonderful having them in the neighborhood. They’ve made such a difference in my overall health and well being.

~ Marlene

I’ve been coming to Blue Sky for several years, and my experiences have all been of the most positive nature. At first I came for massage therapy and was never disappointed. More recently I have been coming for acupuncture for a knee problem that has been totally resolved, and now for a TMJ issue that was also successful. The staff are all kind, caring people and I recommend Blue Sky to all my friends.

~ Judi

I started seeing Shawn Soszka after multiple doctors had prescribed countless medications that seemed to further worsen my symptoms. Dr. Soszka worked with me providing naturopathic care and wellness that has been life changing. Through diet, supplements and self-care, I no longer need many of the prescriptions ordered through other caregivers and have reclaimed a level of health that I have not experienced for a decade.

~ C.B.

I’ve been seeing acupuncturist Bridgit Danner for around 6 years. She’s helped me treat everything from back pain to carpal tunnel to stress and now she’s helping me bring my baby into the world. We’ve had great success working together and I couldn’t recommend her services more.

~ Sage

I hurt my rib playing touch football at age 16. Though I went to chiropractors all my life, it wasn’t until I met Dr. Bell at 63 that the rib was finally properly adjusted and pain free. Dr. Bell puts my body back to right from my fingers to my toes.

~ Rose

Blue Sky was a safe place for me after my motor vehicle accident. I always left feeling better than when I came in. I hope my relationships with the staff and the wellness center continues long after I’ve recovered from the accident.

~ Michael

I’ve been to impressed withe the staff at Blue Sky. The care and concern I’ve received, both for my physical health, and my overall well-being have been invaluable while I’ve been processing through some major transitions in my life.

~ Jeffrey

I have been coming to Blue Sky Wellness for about five years now. I keep coming back because I always feel so welcome here. The practitioners take a personal interest in their patients, and take the time to provide services beyond what you get with practitioners in the conventional medical realm. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone interested in getting alternative health care.

~ Martha

I have been coming to Blue Sky for 5 years and all my experiences with Bridgit and her staff have been great.

~ Jaqueline

I have enjoyed monthly massages at Blue Sky for several years and have never been disappointed. The therapists I have had, Mandy and Riley, are without question two of the finest I have enjoyed anywhere. The staff and the environment are very inviting.

~ Todd

I started coming to Blue Sky Wellness Studio because of a car accident. I was going to another clinic originally but wasn’t feeling like I was getting better, so I decided to check these guys out.

I love that I only have to come to one place for my treatment and that they really are concerned about my well-being. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few of the members here and each one has been so helpful.

Bridgit has a wealth of knowledge and isn’t afraid to say when something isn’t working. Riley has hands of gold, and Jacob has this way of making you feel at home before he starts to adjust, which we all know can be awkward, but not the way he does it. He’s also very sweet and funny. I think these guys are awesome.

~ Ashley

Blue Sky Wellness’ holistic approach to treatment focuses on the individual as whole, not just the illness. Bridgit is compassionate, caring and strives to get her patients to a higher quality of life. The team at Blue Sky Wellness has done so much to improve not only my physical well being but has increased my happiness in life.

~ Heather

I saw Bridgit for foot pain and tennis elbow. After each treatment I experienced immediate, noticeable, positive results. My physical therapist encouraged me to continue acupuncture for the tennis elbow, and the dual treatment has really helped my healing.

~ Jeanette

I’ve been going to Jacob for my back for over a year now and it has helped so much. I stand up all day for work and never realized how much pain I was constantly in until I started seeing him and it went away. He has definitely improved my quality of life and he knows his stuff!

~ Andrea

I have been going to Bridgit exclusively for 3 years because her approach to health is unmatched. She set new precedence for holistic for me with her passion for my health – everything from my stress management to conquering my deviant doughnut cravings.

As a provider, she is everything you would want: approachable, knowledgeable, honest, but gentle.

~ Hannah

I started seeing Bridgit for acupuncture during my pregnancy. I was having terrible mid back and rib pain. I had never had acupuncture before so was unsure what to expect. I was very pleased with the dramatic pain relief after each visit.

Bridgit is very skilled and I would recommend her highly to anyone. My entire experience at Blue Sky Wellness has exceeded my expectations. I felt welcomed into this calm and healing environment from the very first visit. Thank you everyone for helping make my pregnancy a joyous experience!

~ Melissa

Danielle has helped me to move into a new phase of improved relaxation. Many of these aches and pains and tense areas for which I had to take medication are gone.

~ Adrianne

Everyone I’ve worked with at Blue Sky has been great. I appreciate how much folks listen to what is going on with my body and then tailoring my treatment to match.

~ Dave

Living only two blocks from Mississippi, I love that I can come to a place like Blue Sky Wellness where I am able to see healthcare professionals who meet my varied needs for alternative care. I have seen practitioners here for chiropractics, acupuncture, and massage. The massage therapists all have their own techniques and I have really enjoyed trying them all out to find which best meets my preferences. I most often come for acupuncture therapy. Kathryn is great! She has never pricked or bruised me (I have had plenty acupuncturists who slip from time to time) and she really hits just the right points to address my ailments. And I love that she will even include Chinese cupping in my therapy sessions. I really look forward to my appointment days.
And best of all is that they are not only within my provider network for insurance but they also processes claims to insurance on my behalf… which is a great time and cost savings to me.

I highly recommend Blue Sky Wellness and I feel quite fortunate to have such qualify providers right in my own neighborhood.

~ Jessie

I am so happy I found Danielle. I have chronic pain in my jaw and Danielle’s massage technique is better than physical therapy. I am so comfortable with her and look forward to returning again and again.

~ Heather