Dr Carmen Ionescu, MD., ND.

Naturopathic Physician

Dr Carmen Ionescu (yo-ne’-skoo), earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from NUNM Portland, and her MD from Carol Davila University of Medicine & Pharmacy in Romania’s capital where, after a 5-year residency, she specialized in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Her MD degree is ECFMG-accredited for the USA. A proud moment was when she took her USA citizenship oath in Portland during Fleet Week, aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Waesche.

Using tools from both allopathic and naturopathic medicine to restore and maintain health, Dr Carmen’s areas of clinical interest are:

  • Children’s Health & Women’s Health
  • LGBTQI+ Counseling
  • Hormone balance (thyroid, diabetes, sex hormones)
  • Blood pressure management
  • Metabolic conditions (weight management)
  • Respiratory conditions (Asthma, Seasonal Allergies, COPD)
  • Naturopathic/Integrative Oncology in the Primary Care clinic setting; also
  • Mood & Psychologic conditions such as:
    • Depression and/or Anxiety
    • Autism Spectrum conditions (ADD/ ADHD, etc)
  • General Fatigue Syndrome
  • Headache (tension, migraine, cluster)
  • Genetic syndromes.

All patients are embraced in Dr Carmen’s practice — everyone is welcome, all are safe.

Since Dr Carmen’s childhood in Romania, nature medicine and folkways have been part of her life and upbringing in her profession, which partners with the patient. At the side of grandparents and village elders, on mountain paths and country fields, Dr Carmen learned the rich folk remedies, the wisdom of the ages — the keys to physical and mental health. To that wisdom, she harmonizes the breadth and science of modern medicine.

Her personal interests have embraced Qi-LinGong with Master Lin Kai Tin, QiDao advanced practitioner certification with Lama Somananda Tantrapa in Portland, Buddhist mysticism at Ven. Lama Karma’s Drukpa Mila Center in Salem, & native Lakota folkways with Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa. She and her husband Ron are observant Orthodox Christians.


With the approach of the Holidays & to promote Continuity of Care, Dr Carmen is currently offering cash discounts for full payment at the time of service.

Also, in order to provide children, teens and their families with access to the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr Carmen will give them appointment priority every other Saturday at Blue Sky Wellness Studio.