Chiropractic Care for Kids

There are an increasing number of parents that seek chiropractic care for their kids year after year.

Here are a few common reasons why chiropractic care is sought out by parents:


1. Birth: The birthing process is the first traumatic experience your baby will be subjected

to. Prolonged labor can put a lot of stress on the baby’s spine and nervous system. This

can cause spinal and cranial misalignments that in turn irritate the nerves exiting the

spine causing many complaints such as sleep disturbance, nursing problems, colic (just

to name a few).

2. Growing: Kids grow at an alarming rate. Babies learn to roll over, crawl and walk in short

periods of time. Growth spurts and developmental milestones are great reasons to get

your child’s spine checked just like she would get a dental check or an eye check. This is

great preventative care for your child’s spine.

3. Injury: One of the most common reason why parents seek chiropractic care is after a fall

or injury. Adjustments can help reduce pain, increase range of motion in the spine and

reduce muscle spasms.


During your first appointment, a history and physical exam will be performed to identify the

cause of your child’s pain or discomfort. Depending on your child’s age, they may not be able to

vocalize their discomfort but we can keep track of key activities such as:

  • Is your child eating better?
  • Sleeping better?
  • Less fussy?

All of these things can help determine how well she is responding to care.

If you have any further questions about pediatric care feel free to call Blue Sky Wellness at

(503) 517 8222 or schedule online here.

Vashi Chetty

Doctor of Chiropractic