Carly has been interested in Eastern philosophy for many years and holds a license to practice Amma Therapy. She studied Chinese Medicine and bodywork at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts. Carly has also studied in Shamanic Healing for over four years from Saybrook and Rising Fire schools. Carly holds a bachelor degree in Psychology and Philosophy as well.

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Her specialty is massage based in Chinese Medicine without the use of needles. She focuses on moving the vital Qi through the body using specific acupuncture points with the sensitivity of her hands.

She has a natural intuitive ability of tuning into the emotional and energetic aspects of discomfort and disease. She is trained in alternative techniques such as moxibustion, gua sha and cupping, as well as Swedish, Reiki and CranioSacral techniques. She also incorporates herbal and nutritional counseling and food energetics into her practice to bring about a complete holistic approach.

She has experience in treating insomnia, sciatica and nerve pain, headaches and PMS. She also performs pregnancy massage and labor preparation.

In her free time Carly enjoys reading philosophy, practicing martial arts, painting and sculpting, and spending time in nature with her majestic wolf dog.

To learn more about Amma Therapy and to watch short video of a session, please visit this page.

You may schedule with Carly for therapeutic massage, pregnancy massage or Amma Therapy at this link.  We do not accept auto or health insurance plans for Amma Therapy.

Fire Cupping is great for pain relief and old injuries. The cups create a suction that pulls up connective tissue and moves old, stagnant blood. The red marks are an indication of the blood moving to create a fresh new blood supply and circulation through tissues. Fire cupping is surprisingly very relaxing!