Vitamin D is produced endogenously when ultraviolet rays from sunlight strike the skin and trigger vitamin D synthesis. Lack of sunlight (harmful to us in other ways) means lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is being found to be a very important vitamin for immune health, bone health, inflammation response and mood. And at our latitude, it is being found to be quite deficient. I have been curious to hear more and more clients say that their MD is recommending a vitamin D lab test, and my nurse midwife told me to take vitamin D daily.

We usually recommend 4,000 IU daily.
This is WAY more than is in your multivitamin, so we recommend a separate vitamin supplement. We carry a great liquid vitamin D that requires you to take just 4 drops per day.
By the way, the Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamin D, currently set at 200-600 IU, is now under review.
It’s clearly important to get vitamin D in the dark winter, but my nurse recommended to take it year round, as at this latitude we don’t get enough even in the summer!
Kids need vitamin D too! Dose by weight, so if your child is half the size of an adult, give them half the dose.